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Let Us Protect Your Most Important Tools - YOUR HANDS

Adenna Inc. supplies a full range of disposable gloves to mechanics in automotive, aviation and marine fields, and to maintenance, repair, light industrial and safety crews that come in contact with grease, oil, gasoline, solvents and other chemicals on the job.

Our gloves are made of different materials and come in various thicknesses, lengths and colors, that not only provide superior barrier protection against harmful materials and minimize cuts, burns and abrasions, but are also well fitting so that you can work efficiently while keeping your hands healthy and clean.

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Why We Are the Best

What exactly are we protecting?

Your Hands – Your Health – Your Livelihood and Your Family.

Many suppliers employ strategies of scouting the cheaper products from overseas on a daily basis and take chances on product quality. Some times they approve the quality of the gloves by checking to see if they have five fingers and that’s it! That is why you receive gloves of different fits, different thicknesses and a different feel from box to box to box.

At Adenna Inc., we are passionate, and sometimes obsessive, about the consistent quality of our products. We have been in business since 1997 and have been working with the same select group of quality manufacturers for years. We are not going anywhere! Read more »

News and Events

May 2013 – Adenna, a member of SEMA, will be exhibiting at the 2013 SEMA show…..Come and visit us. We will showcase our full range of quality disposable gloves and some exciting new products! Try on our gloves and take some free samples with you. Dealers – please stop by and find out how Adenna sales and marketing team can support you with strategies, competitive pricing, free samples, marketing materials, trade journal advertising, etc. to help you increase your bottom line and expand your market shares.

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HERO® 14 mil Latex

We are so excited to add the Adenna glove line to our arsenal. We love the service we have encountered and the quality of all the products has proven to be very consistent.

T. Baker
Auto Supplies Dealer

Explorer® 8 mil Latex
Many times when dealing with glove suppliers we see inconsistencies in the quality but not with Adenna. We love the product and the fill rates are fantastic. Thanks for growing our glove business!

Auto Supplier Distributor

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