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Why We Are the Best

What exactly are we protecting?

Your Hands – Your Health – Your Livelihood and Your Family.

Many suppliers employ strategies of scouting the cheaper products from overseas on a daily basis and take chances on product quality. Some times they approve the quality of the gloves by checking to see if they have five fingers and that’s it! That is why you receive gloves of different fits, different thicknesses and a different feel from box to box to box.

At Adenna Inc., we are passionate, and sometimes obsessive, about the consistent quality of our products. We have been in business since 1997 and have been working with the same select group of quality manufacturers for years. We are not going anywhere!

Not only is the quality of our products important, the CONSISTENCY of the quality and specifications of our products are equally as important. Just like McDonalds, we want to make sure every piece of the same style glove you put on, must be the same from the first piece to the last piece.

Everyday our entire team strives to provide the same high quality service that makes Nordstrom the gold standard in customer service. Looking up to, we stock more products in more warehouse locations and constantly find the fastest way to get them to you. We keep our overhead low so that we can provide competitive pricing to help you achieve high profit margins and expand your market share.

Contact us today to order or sample our products! Our products are available through authorized dealers and distributors throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and S. Korea.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor, please call us or click here. You will soon discover that we are working hard to protect you.

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HERO® 14 mil Latex

We are so excited to add the Adenna glove line to our arsenal. We love the service we have encountered and the quality of all the products has proven to be very consistent.

T. Baker
Auto Supplies Dealer

Explorer® 8 mil Latex
Many times when dealing with glove suppliers we see inconsistencies in the quality but not with Adenna. We love the product and the fill rates are fantastic. Thanks for growing our glove business!

Auto Supplier Distributor

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