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HANDYGUARD® Nitrile Powder Free

Tough on the jobs, these HandyGuard® general purpose Nitrile disposable gloves are made with 100% synthetic nitrile polymer to protect users' hands. They are latex free and powder free, eliminating potential allergic reactions to natural rubber latex protein.

Nitrile polymer possesses strong puncture, tear and chemical resistance properties, which makes these gloves ideal for those slightly "tougher" jobs.
  • Tough on the jobs
  • Textured surface provides strong grip
  • Strong puncture, tear and chemical resistance
  • Blue color, 100% latex free
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We are so excited to add the Adenna glove line to our arsenal. We love the service we have encountered and the quality of all the products has proven to be very consistent.

T. Baker
Auto Supplies Dealer

Many times when dealing with glove suppliers we see inconsistencies in the quality but not with Adenna. We love the product and the fill rates are fantastic. Thanks for growing our glove business!

Auto Supplier Distributor

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